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Cat vs. Mailman: A hilarious daily battle

While most mailmen worry about getting attacked by dogs, one mail carrier faces a different challenge.
At first, the mailman is just on his everyday routine and approaches the house to delivery some mail.
Lucky Eleven
As the mailman approaches, he doesn't notice the cat watching from the window. 
Lucky Eleven
In fact, the cat is watching the mail slot before making a move.
The mailman soon faces the claws of an angry (or playful) cat when he attempts to deliver his mail to the house numbered 210. 
Lucky Eleven
Nothing quite captures the moment like the video below. It takes several attempts before the carrier is able to get the mail into the slot as the cat continually swipes with its paws. The fake laugh track in the background is due to the video being featured on "America's Funniest Home Videos" in 2014, according to "AFV." 
Is this behavior normal for cats? Well, cats are notorious for chasing anything that moves, from laser pointers to string. Their brains and bodies are hardwired to chase and hunt, according to Perfect Paws. Because cats are natural predators, they may attack anything that moves if they aren't given the chance to "hunt." 
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Resources Lucky Eleven and Perfect Paws
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