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Cat meows and attempts to soothe crying baby

Anyone who says dog is man's best friend, may not have seen this loving cat. This family pet jumps onto the bed and attempts to soothe the crying infant with purrs and cuddles, as seen in the video below. 
Some researchers say this type of bond between cats and humans may have started thousands of years ago during the Neolithic period. Cat remains buried inches from the grave of an ancient human burial site, suggest the cat had some sentimental meaning to the individual because of how close it was buried to the body, according to CNN. 
Some myths surround this type of behavior from cats including one that suggests cats are attracted to crying babies because they sound like another cat and want to get rid of them or that cats intentionally smother babies. Petful suggests that this is untrue and ties the rumors back to an ancient belief that cats were a symbol of evil.
The cat in this video looks anything but evil as it curls up against the infant's head and purrs reassuringly. At one point, the cat even appears to shush the baby by placing a paw over her mouth. 
With over a million views, people took to the comments to share their love of cats, including "Susi q" who said, "I'll never understand why some people insist they don't like cats because they're indifferent. If they only got to know one and discovered what wonderful, loving creatures they are ... each with their own distinct personalities."
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