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Service dog gets his 'best day ever' in appreciation

One dog got treated to a day of puppy pampering as a reward for the service he offers to Bella, a 10-year-old girl with Morquio Syndrome, according to Service Dog Project. Morquio Syndrome is a disorder that prevents the body from breaking down sugar molecules. Symptoms of the disease includes abnormal bone development, knock-knees and hyper-mobile joints, which can make walking difficult or sometimes impossible, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine
Bella and George, a Great Dane service dog, connected at Service Dog Project where Bella and her mother volunteer, in January of 2015. As seen in the video below, Bella and George have a unique connection. Since she received George as a service dog, Bella has ditched the crutches she used to walk around and her walking skills have markedly improved, according to Service Dog Project. 
"I could tell he needed me, and I needed him. The first time I walked with George, it was amazing. It was like, I haven't walked in so long and now I get to do it again. George deserves this day because he works extremely hard," Bella told the Bark Post. 
On George's special day he was welcomed to the Fairmont Copley Plaza to a round of applause and given an "official" day off. While he normally isn't allowed to have human food, he was served burgers for his special day. 
George, who loves playing in the snow, was given free run of a ski area so he and Bella could sled and play together. At the end of the day he was treated to a suite filled with dog toys and a new dog bed. 
"George is joyful and he's always happy ... and he's always there to cheer you up. He is my best friend," Bella told Bark Post. 

She needed him, so fate brought them together.

Posted by BarkPost on Monday, March 7, 2016
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