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Snuggly kitten won't leave his human's face

Being sick is no fun, and having to say cooped up indoors all day gets boring really quickly. It'd be great in these situations to have a cuddly pet to snuggle up with, but cats aren't always the best at returning your love in a convenient way. One lucky woman, however, has been blessed with a kitten that knows just what to do to make her feel better.
Valerie Kim's perfect sickness companion is none other than the newest addition to her household, 3-month-old Russian Blue and Tabby mix, Muchacho.
Muchacho wasn't at all afraid to get up close and personal with his mama – germs be damned.

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"We adopted Muchacho from a foster parent in Hamilton, Ontario. He was the runt and the last one left from his litter," Kim tells Love Meow.
The relationship quickly grew into a very sweet, loving one.
"This was my first time being sick since I adopted him, but he took excellent care of me today. He normally wakes me up with his cries of hunger but he let me sleep in this morning."
"I was never a cat person," Kim explains in a reddit post, "I always thought they were mean and unfriendly but now I get it! ... After having my own kitties and seeing how affectionate and sweet and smart they are I've completely changed how I feel about them! Now I'm a huge cat lover and don't see myself ever living without one!"
The adorable kitten is what some users replying to Kim's post would describe as a "face-sitter." And it doesn't seem to bother her much.
"I'm very guilty of being uncomfortable or not scratching an itch so I don't move so that [he] can stay comfy on me," Kim joked on reddit.
When there's nothing to do but lie sick in bed all day, why would you want to move anyway?
What a cutiepie! Definitely worth getting sick for, wouldn't you agree? Make sure to SHARE these adorable pictures with your friends on Facebook!
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