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Determined stray chooses his owner in the park

Here's how it usually works: Boy goes to shelter, boy looks for cute kitten, boy finds cute kitten, boy takes cute kitten home. But once in a while, things veer off course by just a tiny amount. While taking a walk in the park, Hina Kawasaki was accosted by a particularly bold stray kitten who proceeded to shamelessly display her cuteness for him in all its glory.
The video below, posted by Kawasaki to his Twitter account, shows how the young man attempted to continue with his walk while avoiding the persistent animal's dangerous game of – dare I say it – cat and mouse. 
But when such a cute critter is so avidly showering you with love, how can you possibly ignore it?
After what was probably several minutes of adorably aggressive demands for attention, Kawasaki gave in to the cuteness and took the stray home.
The kitten seemed a little wary at first – or at least, that's the look she was going for – but according to Love Meow, she very quickly softened and allowed her new human to be close with her.
The cat, whom Kawasaki named Vell-chan, wasted no time in displaying her bold personality once again by making it very clear she could take up as much space as she felt she needed.
A colorful new collar was just a small price to pay for what Vell-chan had accomplished – complete mastery over a brand new human.
Something tells me she's not stopping there, either. Is world domination too ambitious a goal? Doubtful. Just look at her fierceness – it's only a matter of time.
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