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Hilarious compilation of dogs and food

Most dogs really love food and the dogs in the video below are no different! Their excited outbursts and willingness to do just about anything to get at a snack is sure to make you smile. From over-eager nods and leaps to shocking jumps, each of the dogs seems to know exactly how to get attention and food. 
But what about food makes dogs do tricks? It's probably just part of their DNA, according to Cuteness.com. Not only are dogs natural scavengers, binge eating and hunting for food is actually an instinctive behavior. 
"When on their own, dogs grew accustomed to the 'feast or famine' lifestyle ... Even though Fifi gets regular meals and treats, she may still get a thrill out 'hunting' for food -- even if it means catching the scent of a cracker and sniffing it out under a park bench."
Dogs particularly enjoy human food (like the ice cream cone and the cookies in the video) because it tastes better. While you should avoid giving dogs too much human food, try tossing some watermelon, berries or baby carrots their way the next time they roll over for a treat. These snacks are healthier for your pooch and are not known to cause problems with their digestive system, according to WebMD
Check out some of the great lengths the dogs in this video will go to to try and score some yummy treats. And if you liked is, be sure to SHARE with your friends! 
Dogs Love Food Compilation

Who's got the hungries?

Posted by Kyoot Animals on Monday, March 7, 2016
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