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Beagle meets baby for the first time

A family eagerly awaited being able to introduce their beagle to their newborn baby, and after months of waiting it was finally time. The parents were worried about how the dog might react when it met the infant, but all their fears are quickly alleviated when the beagle immediately falls in love with the child. 
The parents that filmed the video were right to show trepidation -- introducing animals to small children can be tricky. The ASPCA notes that one of the most important things an animal must learn to deal with is the prodding and poking that babies are prone to inflict on them. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recommends poking and prodding your pup and then immediately feeding them treats -- this way the animal will not assume it is being attacked when the baby inevitably does it later on. 
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Resources Scott Moore and ASPCA
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