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Dog tries to get out of exercise. 

Everyone knows exercise is good for humans, but it's also good for pets too! One mother was trying to teach her bulldog to use the treadmill but she quickly ran into some problems. It appeared the dog was quickly giving up and would sit down -- and then proceed to almost fall off the tracks. Some commenters on the YouTube video pointed out that the dog was likely assuming exercise time was over when the owner said "good boy." 
Dr. Jennifer Coates wrote on PetMD that a treadmill shouldn't be used as a replacement for walking your dog, but it makes for an excellent exercise supplement for animals that need to lose extra weight. She recommends getting your animals to the park -- it's good for dogs to get out of the house and experience the outside world. 
"When a dog goes for a walk or run, chases a ball in the park, etc., the activity engages his mind and all of his senses," Dr. Coates explained. "The mental stimulation that comes from getting away from the familiarity of home and into a new environment is at least as important as the exercise."
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