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Cat gives kitten a hilarious lesson on friendship in adorable 'Dear Kitten' clip

On June 5, 2014, BuzzfeedVideo released 'Dear Kitten' as a collaboration with Purina Friskies, and the ridiculously adorable and funny video quickly went viral, garnering over 25 million views. For those who may not have seen the original, the story revolved around an older cat welcoming a new kitten into the family with some hilarious explanations of how the world works, all delivered in perfect cat-like voiceover. 
After its massive success, both BuzzFeedVideo and Purina Friskies went on to release subsequent 'Dear Kitten' videos with more specific themes, like the video below, 'Dear Kitten: Regarding Friendship.' In this particular installment, the older cat provides comical perspective on how to maintain the best relationship with any friend, be it human, feline, or stuffed animal. The result is a charming imagining of how a cat might think about its relationships, often so spot-on you won't be able hold back your laughter. 
If we could actually hear our cats' thoughts, it probably wouldn't be all that far off from the dry humor and self-important tone exhibited by the older cat, so sit back and enjoy this totally cat-tastic take on what friendship means to a feline.  
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