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Neglected dog finds love in a forever home

"Solitary confinement." That's how the video below describes Sarah's living conditions in a nutshell. The poor animal was tied to the end of a very short chain and in addition to being harshly neglected, suffered from dry eye, according to PETA, which was very slowly turning her blind due to a massive mucus build-up. An ear infection was also threatening to make her deaf.
After Sarah was rescued by PETA and taken to their Virginia headquarters, she was rehabilitated to the point where both her infections vanished and her sight and hearing were both restored. She quickly became much livelier and more affectionate, and was soon ready to find a new forever home.
Soon enough, Sarah got to meet a family which had recently lost a dog of their own, and whose other dog was heavily affected by it, PETA says. The connection there was immediate – both Sarah and the family's dog, Lola, seemed interested in each other. It was the beginning of a beautiful new chapter.
The Association of Professional Dog Trainers stresses the importance of socialization as a life-long necessity for dogs, even after puppyhood: Dogs who are not properly socialized with lack the skills and knowledge needed to adapt to new situations and may react badly to some things. Fortunately, it seems Sarah's pure heart was enough to keep her a sweet, loving dog despite her lack of socialization growing up.
Watch the video below for more information (some images may be shocking), then share the story with your friends.
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