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Biker rescues dog from side of highway after owner abused him

Brandon Turnbow was on his way to meet his father when a blue SUV on the side of the road caught his attention. He noticed the driver acting violently, appearing to be hitting something, but Turnbow wasn't sure what it was. That's when the passenger door flung open and Turnbow caught a glimpse of a small white dog being thrown from the car.
"I was in shock at that point seeing this little harmless dog on his back in convulsions from the blow," Turnbow remarked in a Facebook post. The motorcyclist had to wait a minute before he could safely turn around, the blue SUV then whizzing by him in the opposite direction. Turnbow made his way to the poor pup, standing just a couple feet from the busy highway.
"I jump off my bike and just kneel down beside him and start talking to him," he recounted. He then wrapped the shaking dog in his jacket and stuck him on the back of his bike.
To Turnbow's surprise, the pup didn't make any sudden movements while on the back of the bike. He met up with his father who asked about the ordeal and expressed his frustration about the driver of the SUV. Turnbow didn't want to bother with the angry driver, explaining that he "could have a gun," and saying he'd rather focus his efforts on the dog.
Turnbow took his new friend home, who he would later name Mr. Davidson. "He now is a part of our family and we love him," he explained. 
Turnbow's touching tale became a sensation on the Internet. "Amazing story! The world needs more men like you!" one of his Facebook friends chimed in. "What a lovely story with a happy ending!" said another.
The Texas native is now enjoying getting to know the newest member of his family.
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