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Turned away by another family, heartbroken pit bull cries into his security blanket

Pit bulls can tend to have a somewhat negative reputation, mostly because of the stories that come up every now and then about unfortunate attacks on human beings by the breeds. But not all dogs in the breed are the same, and some just really want a loving family to take care of them forever. Sadly, these preconceptions sometimes get in the way of that.
King, an 80-pound pit bull, has experienced so many heartbreaks that his rescuers worry he'll never be truly happy again. The Dodo explains the dog was originally abandoned by his first owner at a North Carolina shelter, and rescued from euthanasia to be sent to a new family. But these new owners gave him up as well, reportedly tying him to the fence of the closed shelter they got him from after deeming him too "scary-looking."
This same tragedy was repeated three times, the Dodo says, as two more adoptive owners ended up giving the dog up after two days and a year, respectively. Once again, a new family was found for King, but they too gave him back after deciding he was too expensive to hold on to.
"He is a phenomenal dog, but after being dumped so many times, it's really getting to him," Roberta Sá Griner told the Dodo. She is the one keeping King until a new home is found for him, just as she did the last time around. "He's just so insecure now. He just cries. He's become really attached to this blanket, like his security blanket. He just sits, crying into the blanket."
The description to the video Griner posted to Facebook this week says the blanket belonged to the last family that gave him up. The video, below, shows an inconsolable dog lying with the blanket, crying. Griner is currently looking for a new home for King. Hopefully, this next one will be for life.
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Charlotte, NCThis is the hardest part, to see how sad King is because yet again his family dumped him. He won't let go of that blanket that came from them. You can hear him cry :(---------------------------------King is available for adoption through Greater Charlotte SPCA. We will focus on local adopters first . Even though King is good with kids we are looking for a home with no kids as he needs a home with stability and routine. A home that can provide him daily exercise would be great as he loves to walk and he is an amazing runner! King is amazing with dogs, all sizes! He has ignored the cats he saw at Petco. He never gets into stuff if left outside of his crate and he is fully housebroken.

Posted by Roberta Sá Griner on Sunday, March 6, 2016
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