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Hilarious moments that make cat lovers wonder what's going on inside their cats' heads

Cats are majestic creatures. They prominently feature in ancient Egyptian lore – and are movie villains' favorite pets – all because of how incredibly regal and sophisticated they are known to be. But sometimes, our little feline companions break out of that fabulous mold for some zany, unexpected moments of pure, unadulterated silliness.
Most of the cats in the pictures below didn't intend to show off their weird life choices to their humans, but sometimes one thing leads to another and before you know it, you're stuck in a box. Ah, the life of a cat.
Up to a little baking? Make sure you get your kitty out of there before you accidentally make a tira-meow-su.
Package delivery! Make sure you keep this one right side up. 
Well that's a colossal waste of money.
It's good to get your daily stretches in, even when you're a cat! Just don't let go.
Sometimes, cat beds just aren't what you need in the moment, you know?
You could have been so cosy. But you did this instead. Well done.
Going to sleep fixes everything.
Going to sleep on your human's face is 100% better.
A tragic tale of love and loss.
Meal time is special. Very special. Do not disturb.
When your food is so delicious, you have to bathe in it too.
You had a perfectly good bowl of-- oh, never mind.
Something is happening here. We're not sure what.
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Embarrassing photos aren't just for house cats, either!
Did you get a good laugh out of these? If so, make sure to share this list with your friends. And feel free to show off some of your own weird cat pictures with us in the comments! This stuff never gets old.
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