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Norbert gets the cutest look when he learns he's going to get a second treat

If dogs could speak, they would tell you treat time is the best time. It's everything you could ever wish for as a dog! Attention from your human, yummy food, congratulatory aww-faces from onlookers... What else could you possibly need? Well... A second treat would be just swell! But most dogs know they can't abuse their owners' generosity in such Machiavellian ways. So when Norbert realized halfway through this video that he was being given just that, the look on his face was just completely priceless.
Norbert the dog has become quite the celebrity in recent years. Some would argue it's the perky, fluffy grayish ears, but most people will naturally tell you it's because of his tiny tongue that tends to pop out the side of his mouth when you least expect it. In the case of the video below, it happens immediately after he realizes a second treat is coming his way. And the way he joyously chomps on the new treat is just the icing on the fluffy, fluffy cake.
Norbert, described on his official website as a "therapy dog, children's book author and philanthropist," is a mixed breed of significant rarity, and his job is to provide people with joy through simple tasks. He recently celebrated his seventh birthday, according to a post on his Facebook page. With over 6,000 people wishing him well on his new year, you can be sure his loving mama isn't the only one who adores him.
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