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Kitten sees dad's broken leg then cares for him in the most heartwarming way

Many a cat owner has been pleasantly surprised to find that their little fur baby has a special knack for knowing when healing is needed. Whether it's a cold, a broken bone, or a broken heart that plagues us, it almost always seems like cats can sense that something is off and are ready to provide cuddles and purrs to make you feel better. When the man in the video below broke his leg, he found that his rescue kitten wouldn't leave his side, often sleeping beside the broken leg. 
The kitten, Lazarus, made his internet debut when he was rescued by a family that found him frozen in a foot of snow. They managed to revive him despite the fact that he was so very tiny and near death; he's been doing wonderfully ever since. So when his rescuer came home with a broken leg, Lazarus immediately took on the role of caretaker as if to repay his new family for saving him. 
Though not much scientific research can prove this theory (there simply hasn't been enough research performed on the topic), there are some people who believe that a cat's purr can help with bone regeneration, which would make them excellent companions to have around when healing from an injury. A Wired article explains that domestic cats purr at about 26 Hertz, and it's this particular frequency of vibration that could promote bone and tissue healing. This is similar to how high-impact exercise encourages bone health due to the fact that bones strengthen as a response to pressure. 
Wired goes on to say, "In their natural setting, cats spend a lot of time lying around waiting to hunt, so purring may stimulate bones so that they don’t become weak or brittle. In fact, purr-like vibration devices have been patented for potential use in therapy, and some researchers have proposed strapping vibrating plates to astronauts’ feet during long space flights to retain bone density." So it turns out that you may subconsciously love your cat's purr not only because it's comforting and adorable but because it is actually good for your health! 
Take a look at the video below to see how Lazarus cares for his owner and be sure to share this sweet story if you loved it as much as we did! 
How does your cat care for you? Have you ever heard that cats' purrs had healing powers? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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