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Didga the cat likes to go dog-surfing on her canine friend, Ice

Didga is one of the most impressive cats you'll ever see. 
She was adopted from a shelter by an Australian man named Robert Dollwet who specializes in caring for and training animals. When he works as a dog-walker, Didga is always along for the ride, hanging out with huge packs of dogs and even playing in the sand and paddling beside them out in the water. Even more impressive, however, is that Dollwet taught Didga to skateboard and perform tricks! 
Dollwet explains on his YouTube channel, "Who say's cats can't learn... Didga, adopted from the shelter is out to prove (with a little help from me) that myth (along with many others) WRONG! I'm here to show you just how smart and teachable cats are using a specific positive 'methodology' similar to the way marine animals are taught." 
Dollwet has done an incredible job, as evidenced by his many, many YouTube and Instagram videos showing off Didga's exceptional training. GoPro even took notice of Didga and filmed the below video to feature her! She and her canine friend, Ice, like to spend time in the pool together -- Dollwet calls this 'Ice-surfing!' 
As you can see from the Instagram post below, Didga is totally at home on the water. 

TGIF! - Time to relax! Have a great weekend. #Didga @gopro #gopropaws#gopro#goproanimals

A photo posted by Robert Dollwet (@catmantoo) on

Below, Didga and Ice are seen hanging out beside the pool during their shoot with GoPro! These two are such good friends. 
Check out the video below to see Didga "Ice-surf!" Have you ever seen a cat do anything like this before? Share your stories in the comments below and be sure to share this story if you were as amazed by Didga as we were!
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