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Sweetheart Pit Bull Sits Patiently While Little Boy Learns How To Give Her A Bath

Dogs are notorious for not being a fan of taking baths! Big dogs, in particular, can be a bit tough to handle, even for adults. But, watch the video below as this adorable Pit Bull Gemma patiently lets her little friend learn how to bathe her. 
The little boy, guided by his mother's patient voice, applies the shampoo, washes the dog and rinses her off, while telling her "it'll be okay." The dog patiently sits throughout the entire process. 
This lucky pooch is rewarded with a spoonful of her favorite treat for good behavior. We think she deserved it!  Check out how happy and clean she looks at the end of the video! 
Dog Channel recommends washing Pit Bulls as often as necessary, so long as it is in the shower. Hose water is too cold and uncomfortable for dogs. And, this little family takes advantage of several tips from Cesar's Way for making doggie bath time more fun and less drama, including: Don't rush, be positive, make it fun, make the water comfortable and start young (they really nailed this one!)
You can check out more of this pups adventure on Instagram at Don't Bully My Nanny. 
Is bath time with your favorite dog this easy? Share your funny dog-bath stories in the comments below. 
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