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Sickly puppy can't contain his excitement when his rescuer returns to adopt him

If you ask people who have rescued animals from dire situations, they generally say that the animals seem to know that they've been saved. Watching this puppy's reaction when his rescuer returns to adopt him, there's no doubt that little Mojo knows exactly how lucky he is. 
Joey Wagner, an animal lover, was a member of the team that created the Baie Ste. Marie Animal Society in Nova Scotia. The nonprofit animal society helps to rescue and rehome animals. But one particular rescue case would touch Wagner's life. 
Wagner first met Mojo, a pit bull/American Staffordshire terrier mix, when the puppy was just three months old. Mojo's previous owner had tried to save the dog, but Mojo had severe demodectic mange and was near death, according to Mojo's Facebook page. Because Mojo's condition was so severe, Wagner took the puppy right to the veterinary hospital for treatment. Still, Mojo's future was uncertain. 
Thanks to the excellent care that he received, Mojo survived, but he wasn't put up for adoption because of how severely the mange had affected the dog. Mojo's hair didn't grow back, and you'll see in the video below that he's wearing a T-shirt to protect his sensitive skin.
But Mojo needn't have worried; he would have a home with the very man who rescued him. Wagner returned to the hospital to bring Mojo home once the puppy was healthy enough, and judging by Mojo's reaction, he was elated to go home with Wagner.  
Today, Mojo is a happy member of Wagner's family. His coat never fully grew back, but it doesn't seem to bother Mojo too much. Mojo's story is evidence of what a bit of care, hope and love can do for a dog in a terrible situation. 
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