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Pit bull is frozen while her human balances a wine glass, but watch what she does next

So your dog can roll over and play dead... but can he balance a full cup of wine on the top of his head? This adorable pit bull appears statuesque as he freezes in place while his owner places an empty wine glass on his head. Watch as the dog stands completely still while his owner fills the glass of wine. The dog's firm stance keeps a single drop of wine from splashing on the ground. The only thing that would make this trick more impressive is if they did the trick on white carpet!  
This talented dog is happy just to receive a few hugs as a reward! "I love how after [his owner] picks up the glass, the pit bull just hugs him like, 'Did I do good human?'" Nisarg Vinchhi commented. 
This Pit Bull Loves A Glass Of Wine

This pit bull has more composure than I ever will in my entire life 󾌴󾦆 via Newsflare

Posted by UNILAD on Tuesday, June 21, 2016
If you want to teach your dog to balance a glass of wine on his head, you might want to think smaller initially. Try training your dog to balance a treat on their nose first and move on from there. 
The Fun Times Guide, recommends starting with your dog in a sitting position. Place a treat on their nose and immediately say "OK" (or another phrase you choose). The dog will be so distracted by the treat on his nose, he isn't really going to pay attention to what you are saying. When he gets the treat, offer lots of hugs, kisses, and praises, offer a separate treat as a reward. 
Repeat this process, increasing the time between when you put the treat on their nose and when you say "OK." Pay attention to your dog's behavior and hold out as long as possible before they just snatch the treat. You'll have to run through the routine for a few days in a row.
Check out Pawsh Magazine for a few extra tips for teaching your dog to balance items on their nose. 
Have you trained your dog to do a fun trick? Share your tips in the comments below. 
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