Dog Rescue
What rescuers discover about a homeless dog urges them to make this plea
When vets examined a sweet abandoned dog, they discovered she was suffering from more than just fleas and abandonment....
By Angela Brown
World of Cats
Coby the cat with the deep blue eyes is enchanting internet users everywhere
Coby the cat is becoming an internet sensation....
By Maximilien Weinstein
Dog Rescue
Abandoned Dog Is United With The Perfect Family
What began as a life of sadness and loneliness slowly evolved into a beautiful story of rescue and love....
By Sheree Mcdonald
Dog Rescue
Nearly Starved To Death, Rescued Dog's Recovery Is An Incredible Sight
She was severely undernourished and she needed a miracle to survive, so doctors named her Angel......
By Angela Brown
Dog Rescue
Shelter dog is finally adopted into his forever home
Austin spent more than 2 months, watching people pass him by......
By Chelsea Tirone
Pit Bull Love
Well-trained pit bull shows off her tricks
When a woman laid down on the couch, she told her dog she wasn't feeling very well. Watch how she reacts....
By Kathy Finney
Dog Rescue
Abandoned dog so matted he could barely walk, finds forever home
Freight was found so matted he could hardly walk....
By Chelsea Tirone
Dog Rescue
Mother dog and her pups are rescued
These animal rescuers got a call that a pit bull had given birth in someone's yard. They went out to save the mother and babies....
By PenolopyBulnick
Dog World
Bulldog puppy has a lot of energy and a fiery temper with Mama
This bulldog puppy does not hesitate to let Mama know that he's mad....
By Henry Cannon
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