Dog Rescue
The Power of Fostering: Ten Pups Transformed After Living in a Foster Home
Some shelter dogs require a little extra attention before they are ready for adoption. Here are ten stories of amazing dog transformations thanks to fosters....
By Chelsea Tirone
Dog World
Bulldog puppy argues with his mother
Elvis is a dog unlike any other. The young bulldog puppy was an only child......
By Johnny Ornelas
Veterinarian documents the recovery of a timid, starved pit bull
On the evening of January 29, Granite Hills Animal Care received a call about a dog in poor shape......
By Chante Owens
World of Cats
Feral cats roam Disneyland, cared for by staff
Millions visit the park every day without ever seeing them....
By Maximilien Weinstein
Pit Bull Love
Well-trained pit bull shows off her tricks
When a woman laid down on the couch, she told her dog she wasn't feeling very well. Watch how she reacts....
By Kathy Finney
World of Cats
Woman rescues teensy kitten found alone in the rain. You've got to see her now
This poor baby was so young when she was found that she needed to be bottle-fed formula. After lots of care and love, she's a whole new kitty....
By Colleen Annek
Dog World
Dog Sees His Reflection And Loses It
A dog walks up to a mirror and encounters a stranger....
By Kayla Dalsfoist
Dog Rescue
Pit bull chained to basement wall so scared she had to be carried out of shelter
Dixie was chained to a basement wall her whole life with no socialization. Now she's living the life she deserves....
By Chelsea Tirone
World of Cats
13 hilarious examples of cats hiding in the most random places
Do you know where your cat is?...
By Maximilien Weinstein
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